(Effective 30th November 2001)

Each photograph is enlarged onto KODAK ENDURA METALLIC photographic paper, which is an archival photographic materials of exceptional quality. For more information go to 

A limited number of each size of photograph will be produced; each Limited Edition is personally signed, titled and numbered by Ray Killen.

There are two different formats available. Medium format and panoramic format, the medium format will have either 50 or 100 photographs produced depending on the individual photograph, they will increase in price every 10 photographs. Guthega Snow Gum is now No. 24 of 50, the price is now $660.00. The maximum of 200 photographs will be produced per edition, of the panoramic format. The photograph you choose regardless of size will become the next available number in the edition. Limited Editions can be supplied unframed or framed.

The first 40 photographs with a limited edition of 200 will be sold at the base price as follows:





10 x 12 inch   $140.00


500mm x 540mm (20 x 22 inches approx)

12 x 16 inch   $175.00 $290.00 610mm x 680mm (25 x 27 inches approx)
20 x 24 inch   $350.00 $520.00 800mm x 910mm (32 x 37 inches approx)


24 inch          $350.00 $520.00 915mm x 530mm (37 x 21 inches approx)
30 inch          $450.00 $670.00 1070mm x 580mm (42 x 23 inches approx)
40 inch          $570.00 $850.00 1320mm x 650mm (52 x 25 inches approx)
50 inch          $690.00 $1200.00 1640mm x 800mm (64 x 31 inches approx)

As the edition sells, prices increase as the number of remaining photographs for purchase decline. The last 40 photographs remaining, sell for the premium price.

We trust the above information will assist you with your selection of a Ray Killen Limited Edition Photograph

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